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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dar Ghad Al Ajyal Publishing House organized a seminar entitled: "Together for Advancement, in our Educational Curriculum" (Ajyal Educational Series), at Holiday Inn Hotel, where 350 educational experts, school principals, teachers and from all over the Kingdom participated.


Inaugurating the seminar, Director of the House, Mr. Zaid Talawi, welcomed his distinguished guests. In his speech, Talawi stressed that textbook is a major educational tool that helps children learn, build their abilities, develop their talents and impart them to different skills and information in various fields.

At the beginning of his speech, Talawi reviewed the stages of founding and establishing Dar Ghad Al Ajyal Publishing House, as a culmination of hand-in-hand cooperation with experienced, specialized and interested experts in the field of education. "Since we started writing our curricula, we have a great responsibility for our children in schools to provide them with the best curricula and educational methods”, Talawi said.


At the end of his speech, he stressed the contents of the papers of His Majesty the King on the development of educational curricula and the importance of the education sector. 


In the same context, Deputy Director General, Mr. Mohamed Jowaid, tackled the composition of Dar Ghad Al Ajyal Publishing House curricula. According to Jowaid, the preparation of the curricula is based on competencies in the intellectual advancement and educational expertise. He pointed out that these curricula came in varieties, and are organized based on free learning techniques, to provide children with basic skills that prepare them for the subsequent stages of education at a steady pace.

Director of Design, Mr. Naseem Moutair, explained the stages of the design of the book and its artistic output within the criteria and principles of a well thought-out methodology that addresses mind and imagination of children, developing their skills and helping them understand the external world.

In conclusion, the educational expert Dr Shaker Al-Qawasmi reviewed the sequence and progressive development of the platform “Ajyal Educational Series”. The platform contains twenty four books, as both Student Books and Workbooks. As for Arabic division, the platform contains books for Arabic, mathematics, science, and Islamic studies, written in Arabic language. In The English division, there are two books for students, two books for training as well as two books (for Mathematics written in English), two books (for Science written in English), and one book for computer education for kindergarten (both in Arabic and English).


During the seminar, the participants confirmed their trust in the books of Dar Ghad Al Ajyal Publishing House, and their continued cooperation with the House because it has a role in the formation of new curricula to keep pace with the developments of the era, and for its interest in students, and their different stages, compositions and psychologies.