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Al - Kholafaa Press established in 2009, marking up a dire need for printing in Jordan Al - Kholafaa Press has been always searching for a top place among other printing houses in Jordan, or rather in the Middle East, through the competition to provide best printing solutions supported by quality, in accordance with the best specifications and international standards. Al - Kholafaa Press also relied on the selection of the finest raw materials in the printing industry..

Characterized by experience, modernity, and development,Al - Kholafaa Press is equipped with the latest equipment, techniques and modern machinery to meet the needs of customers in the appropriate manner and according to the standards required.

Al - Kholafaa Press

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman, North Marka

Hazaa Abu Jamous Street - Dakhla Hijazi Ghosheh Street



Contact Us:

Mobile: 0796767234

Telephon: 064889780

Fax: 064889781

Email: aqadi64@yahoo.com